The Power of An Influencer


The Power of An Influencer
Opinion ByBarbara Nanyonga02.11.23
What is Influencer Marketing?

Businesses use influencer marketing to leverage individuals' and organisations' social influence and expertise. This powerful strategy involves collaborating with influencers to promote and endorse products on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. By doing so, companies can expand their reach and achieve cost-effective relevance.

How to Use it to Your Benefit?

Depending on your overall objective, you can collaborate with different influencers to accomplish your campaign goals. These categories consist of mega, macro, and nano influencers, all of which have the potential to influence your marketing plan significantly.

The Main Types of Influencer Marketing


Individuals with a substantial online audience, typically exceeding one million followers, are commonly found in the entertainment and sports industry. Due to their elevated status, they often demand a high fee, which may not necessarily translate to increased engagement but could influence consumer spending.


Collaborating with macro-influencers is an effective strategy to connect with a specific audience, as their supporters usually share similar interests. This approach can lead to a noteworthy rise in brand visibility. By utilising the power of a trusted opinion, businesses can effectively influence their audience's engagement with their company through a tailored marketing approach.


Engage specific audiences by creating unique content that is relatable and trustworthy and encourages authentic interaction between brands and consumers. These influencers are typically more cost-effective since they usually have a higher engagement rate than more prominent influencers. On average, they can generate an engagement rate of 5% or more.

So Why Use Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing can help brands reach their target audience, increase visibility, and gain valuable insights into audience behaviour. It also strengthens online communities by encouraging engagement and interaction with the brand.

“Content creators play a vital role in social commerce. They boost product discovery (78%), educate and inform (76%), and inspire their audiences to try new products (73%."

Source: TikTok, 2023

Working With Influencers at Substance

Substance has had the fortune of working with innovative content creators who have enhanced our clients' brand identities. As a result, we have seen a rise in engagement and brand recognition, which has been a valuable addition to our portfolio.

To promote Top Gun Maverick, we concentrated on our social media strategy, specifically TikTok, to target a younger demographic. As a result, we saw a viewership growth of up to 70k.

We worked on a TikTok campaign with influencers for Scream VI, which generated 80k impressions, 15k likes/comments, and a potential reach of 2.1M on social media.

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