We have formed one of our closest working partnerships with Amgen, a leading biopharmaceutical company.

Amgen are a global company with headquarters in Thousand Oaks California. Amgen follow a biology-first approach to new medicines, bringing innovation and discoveries to people with serious illnesses.

Amgen follows the principle that the cure for diseases can be found within our DNA – hence their biology-first approach to developing medicines. Amgen believes in searching for the answers within.

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Our work for Amgen originally centred on Amgen Oncology, their cancer treatment division, and eventually grew into a full partnership across Amgen Europe and Amgen ICON.

Over our projects with Amgen we’ve successfully boosted Amgen Oncology’s Twitter following, increasing their reach and brand awareness among key audience profiles. In addition we’ve improved their standing in their Europe and ICON regions.

By working hand-in-hand with the Oncology team on a daily basis — on the creation of social assets and building and tracking paid social media campaigns — we offer guidance and support on Amgen’s social presence and activations.

We’re also on hand to collaborate around key events, programmes and partnerships. To help shape future social feeds and paid media we provide monthly reports to better understand how audiences are responding and ultimately how content is performing.

Advancing Oncology At The Speed Of Life

A partnership in action - one of our many campaigns

A partnership in action - one of our many campaigns

A partnership in action - one of our many campaigns

A partnership in action - one of our many campaigns

A partnership in action - one of our many campaigns

A partnership in action - one of our many campaigns

Campaign Objective

Position Amgen Oncology as the prime biopharmaceutical though-leaders, and move the needle on awareness, reach and engagement on key social channels.


Patients, caregivers, and especially healthcare practitioners (HCPs) and industry leaders. 


  • Conduct an audit of existing social channels and content
  • Outline a clear social channel, content and media strategy for Amgen’s social channels, as well as KPIs
  • Creation of social assets
  • Set-up and monitoring of paid social media campaigns
  • Offer guidance and support on Amgen’s social presence and activations around key events, programs and partnerships
  • Provide monthly reports to help shape future social streams, content creation and paid media


We increased @AmgenOncology’s Twitter followers by 140% and increased their Twitter average engagement rate.

Amgen Oncology has realised steady growth; reaching over 16K followers on Twitter. Doubling the organic engagement rate, and increasing the paid engagement rate 5X, exceeding Twitter’s Pharma benchmark.

2020 challenges

In 2020 we overcame the many challenges this tough year threw up and delivered success. COVID-19 and the global recession helped us learn to quickly adapt to an ever changing landscape and we embraced the freedom to be nimble, delivering content true to Amgen’s mission: keeping patients at the centre of everything. 

On social – video is king

Video is essential. Our suite of social assets always look fresh and impactful and perform well, engaging Amgen’s key audiences.

Best performing paid social:

CPM (Cost per thousand impressions): $2.14 / $7.81, Benchmark: 233K Impressions


With Twitter we’ve had great success using the platform’s interactive nature to create simple and engaging quiz polls. These polls encourage a natural and easy engagement for channel Followers.

Best performing by organic objective:

13.25% ER, 1.81% AVG

Amgen Europe

As with Amgen Oncology we provided a social audit of Amgen’s European markets in order to overhaul their social media channels and content strategy.

We developed creative content mainstays and an overall content strategy based upon our learnings for their social media channels, including, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. 

The second phase of the project centred around the development of regional social creative campaigns, alongside the Amgen Europe regional team. Supporting each of the campaigns was social copy and creative for their six regional priorities, including the headline events Virtual ESMO, Women’s Health Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month and National STEM day.

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Amgen ICON

With the goal of furthering Amgen's reputation in the Intercontinental Region, we conducted a social audit that included an overview of the digital landscape for each market, as well as individual in-market competitors' social presence. 

Based on this research, we developed an overarching social strategy – including mainstay content, recommendations on social channel set-up for each market and creative campaigns to sustain those channels. 

We built a dedicated ICON team to help the Intercontinental markets on a day-to-day basis. We maintained oversight by holding monthly reviews with markets, geo-targeting content from the global Amgen channels, proposing distinct paid media campaigns localised and aligned with regional priorities, while delivering the overall regional creative campaigns.

More Work

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