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Cinema is back, and nobody does it quite like Curzon. Known for their atmosphere, comfort, cool locations, and above all their unique and varied film programme, our task was to refresh this exciting brand and remind people of their unique offerings.

Cult Membership

We created two unique membership campaigns; one for under 25s and one for cult membership, Curzon’s top tier for real cinephiles. This specially mastered trailer we created is playing before every film in all Curzon locations across the country.

The minimalist Curzon brand is brought to life with dynamic motion graphics, tight editing and sound design, combined with a powerful piece of music to create a high impact experience.

The shape of the Curzon Membership card, the key point of sale across these campaigns, is used as a device to house film content and messaging and tie the campaigns together.

Under 25s Membership

The under 25’s campaign had an energetic, youthful tone to it; the foundation of which was an upbeat, poppy track. We used repeating frames, bright colours and quick, kinetic animation to build the energy needed to engage the audience.

We made sure to highlight the big blockbuster films, the unique experience and the outstanding value on offer for the target audience.

More Work

To bring the world of SEGA’s Persona 5 Royal to life in order to inform and promote the game's new features. This would give the European media a chance to play the highly acclaimed game, complete with FIGS subtitles for the first time ever in the franchise.




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