Substance Global Climate Sustainability Policy

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future and our goal of being a carbon neutral business by 2025.

At Substance Global, we recognise the pressing need for collective action to address climate change and preserve our planet for future generations. As a marketing agency committed to sustainability, we understand our responsibility to reduce our carbon emissions, protect green spaces and habitats, and foster a culture of environmental stewardship both internally and externally. This Climate Sustainability Policy outlines our commitment to these principles and the actions we will take to achieve our goals.

Carbon Offset Commitment

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

1. Carbon Emissions Assessment: Through a partnership with The World Land Trust, Substance Global will conduct regular assessments to calculate our carbon emissions accurately. This will include analysing emissions from office operations, employee commuting, business travel, and the energy we consume.

2. Offsetting Emissions: To mitigate our carbon footprint, we will invest in carbon offset projects through The World Land Trust. This carbon offsetting process aligns with internationally recognised standards, such as the United Nations' Clean Development Mechanism.

3. Transparency: We will transparently report our carbon offset efforts in our annual sustainability report, sharing details of the projects we support and the emissions we offset.

Reforestation and Habitat Preservation

Protecting Green Spaces and Biodiversity

1. Tree Planting Initiatives: Substance Global is committed to planting trees as a proactive measure to combat deforestation, restore ecosystems, and sequester carbon. We will engage in tree-planting initiatives in partnership with The World Land Trust dedicated to reforestation efforts globally.

2. Preserving Natural Habitats: In addition to planting trees, we will actively support The World Land Trust working to preserve natural habitats and protect endangered species. Our contributions will assist in the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of vital ecosystems. We are committed to the purchasing of acres of land in areas of the planet that need sustainable protection.

3. Education and Advocacy: We will use our platform and resources to raise awareness about the importance of preserving green spaces and habitats. Through our own marketing campaigns and content, we aim to inspire action and environmental consciousness.

Internal Office Sustainability

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint at Home

1. Energy Efficiency: Substance Global will prioritise energy efficiency in our office spaces by implementing LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and responsible heating and cooling practices.

2. Waste Reduction: We are committed to reducing waste through responsible purchasing, recycling programs, and a commitment to minimise single-use plastics in our office.

3. Sustainable Commuting: Encouraging sustainable commuting options, such as public transportation, carpooling, and cycling, among our employees. We will also provide remote work options to reduce commuting when feasible.

4. Education and Engagement: We will foster a culture of environmental awareness among our team members. Regular training and educational programs will be implemented to ensure that all employees are knowledgeable about sustainable practices and empowered to contribute to our sustainability efforts.

External Engagement and Collaboration

Working Together for a Sustainable Future

1. Client Collaboration: We will actively collaborate with our clients to integrate sustainability into their marketing strategies and campaigns. This includes promoting eco-friendly products and practices.

2. Supplier and Vendor Engagement: We will prioritise partnerships with suppliers and vendors who share our commitment to sustainability. We will work with them to reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain.

3. Community Involvement: Substance Global is dedicated to engaging with local communities through volunteer efforts, and partnerships that promote environmental protection and sustainability.

Monitoring and Reporting

Continuous Improvement and Accountability

1. Regular Monitoring: We will monitor our progress toward our sustainability goals regularly and make necessary adjustments to our strategies and practices.

2. Annual Reporting: We will provide annual sustainability reports to our stakeholders, including clients, employees, and the public, to transparently communicate our progress and results.

Substance Global is committed to leading by example and playing an active role in addressing the climate crisis.

We believe that by offsetting our carbon emissions, planting trees, implementing sustainable practices in our office, and collaborating with our clients and partners, we can contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

This Climate Sustainability Policy reflects our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and our responsibility as a global citizen.



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