Disney Soul ‘Mr Mittens’

Case study

To promote the release of Disney and Pixar’s Soul, Substance Global created a vast range of social media assets for international localisation and promotion.

Disney Soul ‘Mr Mittens’
Case study ByLewis Rose25.01.21

Along with creating bold bespoke graphical treatments, the studio’s Creative department worked closely with Walt Disney Studios’ International team to deliver a compelling campaign through Soul’s musicality, characters and various themes.

The suite of content included static review cards, Instagram Stories and a beautifully animated Pixar Journey video; created for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Leaning into the film’s comedic elements, one of our assets focused on the relationship between Soul’s main character Joe Gardner and his feline friend, Mr Mittens. Centred around inspirational words of wisdom and comedic mishaps, the video showcased the misadventures the duo embarked on.

For this particular asset Adobe Premiere Pro was naturally the weapon of choice as it contained very few graphical elements.

After scripting a narrative and crafting a rough cut, a selection of sound effects were shaped around a music cue that carved out a comedic tone. Once we were happy internally, a collaborative process between our Creative team and the client went underway, evolving the asset to its final version.

Once the video was completed, we proceeded to deliver the asset in localisable form, ensuring that all international markets were able to make any adjustments for their respective local territories.

Since the launch of Soul on December 25th 2020, we were excited to see our asset out in the wild, promoting the fact audiences can now stream the film on Disney+. To date, this video has been shared across 11 different territories, amassing nearly 110,000 views and over 12,000 likes making it one of the most popular assets from our Soul suite of creative.

The entire team at Substance Global thoroughly enjoyed watching Soul on Christmas Day once it was released. With everything that happened in 2020, the movie came at the perfect time for some feel good vibes, reminding you to focus on the important things in life.

The campaign was a delight to work on. We were excited to showcase our broad range of creative skills and see our assets published in various global territories.

We look forward to the next Disney/Pixar campaign and cannot wait to share more of our creative assets with you soon.

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